Real estate transactions can be fraught with frustration and pitfalls. And sometimes the hardest part turns out to be working with your broker - the person who is supposed to help you through the complexities. 

Veteran commercial real estate broker and client advisor John Culbertson spent years in the industry and executing high-stakes deals and discovered that brokers' interests aren't always aligned with those of their clients.

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What You Will Learn From This Book: 


  • The Key Questions to ask that will ensure proper due diligence is being done

  • How to sort and assess the flood of real estate information and use it to make precise decisions

  • How to escape the McProcess trap; or the commoditized Commercial Real Estate leasing process used by many Commercial Real Estate Firms.


  • Simple processes and methods to create confidence in complex real estate decisions

  • How to construct a mental framework that allows you to make decisions based on sound information and experience

  • How to demand that your real estate service providers align their interests with yours

What People Are Saying.....

"In our practice, we work with many of the top producers in the commercial real estate brokerage industry. Like John, they all drive an incredible amount of value to their clients thanks to their discipline, passion and proper perspective. The methods and processes that John uses are some of the best in the industry. Any executive reading this book will enjoy the read and gather many tips on how to effectively navigate both common and complex real estate transactions".

Rod Santomassimo Author “Brokers Who Dominate” and Founder of The Massimo Group

"Real estate is crucial to almost every organization, yet the process by which it is bought, sold and leased is poorly understood.  Even full-time professionals often spend years in the business before truly understanding the key dynamics.  Go for Broker cuts through the fog, and explains how real estate deals actually get done.  Even more importantly, it will help to ensure that the process works for you.  It should be read at least once by anyone who might be buying, selling or leasing commercial real estate."

-  Lee Roberts, Chief Operating Officer of Vantage South Bank

"The whole world of commercial real estate becomes increasingly complex and complicated every year, and many executives who are confident experts in their own fields and professions lose confidence in dealing with one of the most important investments and expenditures.  John Culbertson has created a powerful, comprehensive but simple process for executives to think through their real estate future in a strategic and systematic fashion.  Everything in this book has been successfully tested in the marketplace.   Being a business owner myself with extensive and expanding commercial requirements, I appreciate enormously the practical wisdom and simple framework that John provides to serious and committed readers."

- Dan Sullivan, Founder of The Strategic Coach Inc. 

"For most companies, real estate is ubiquitous and indispensable. And because it affects everyone in the organization, it is not easy to manage. Go For Broker is a game plan for executives to succinctly communicate their objectives to a real estate service provider. There have been numerous times where I have encountered the principal-agent conflict discussed in this book, and I was fortunate to have great people around me who were, as the book describes, "selfless agent advocates". Without them, the transactions would have gotten complex, resulting in procrastination and missed deadlines. I recommend Go For Broker for anyone interested in hiring a real estate brokerage team who has a clear focus on the client's needs over their own."

- John B. McCoy, Director, AT&T & Former Chairman of BankOne Corporation 

"This book should be read by all real estate professionals and all laymen who have occasion to interact with the real estate transaction process. The necessary involvement of intermediaries is generally the point at which the experience of buying, selling or leasing property becomes a trap for the unwary, frequently resulting in disappointment and disillusionment. As John's compact and instructive  book emphasizes, this need not be the inevitable result. Readable, thoughtful  and cogent, I would particularly recommend its reading to all users of these brokerage services.

I know from first hand experience, John practices what he preaches. His belief that a process of continuing quality improvement, open and early communication of goals and objectives and measuring attainment of results as a basis for incentive compensation, are practices that the real estate industry as a whole would be well served to incorporate as standard procedure."

- Phil Norwood, Former CEO, Faison Capital Advisors and Vice chairman of Trammell Crow

 "There is no question that the Great Recession increased the complexity of commercial real estate transactions. It is refreshing and very helpful to have a resource like Go For Broker that demonstrates techniques to align interests, avoid conflicts of interest and help achieve our goals. John Culbertson makes Go For Broker enjoyable and I strongly recommend it to anyone hiring a real estate broker. I have seen Cardinal Partners put these practices to work on challenging transactions and their process and integrity are models of excellence."

- Chris Bennett, CEO of 27eighteen

“John possesses a unique set of qualities that distinguish him from many other brokers, real estate consultants and analysts.  His skill set is equal parts intellectual, relational and street savvy. He adds a higher level of analysis and processes to his core strengths which are market knowledge, relationships and decades of experience.”

- Mason Zimmerman, Senior Vice President of Pope & Land


About the Author  

John Culbertson has a knack for developing creative solutions and successful strategies for even the most complex real estate deals, and he's always up for a new challenge. John has developed proprietary processes for all aspects of real estate sales, leasing, and development. He has development and transaction experience throughout the United States, and has worked with a wide variety of public and private institutional clients.